Indian Network For Soil Contamination Research
Indian Network For Soil Contamination Research

About us

Established in early 1999, in the wake of organising an international conference, on the subject of environmental pollution, conference was organised at Hotel Radison in New Delhi, during December 1999. The network brought together several key researchers working on different aspects of contamination in soil environment spread across various academy, agricultural and industrial research institutions.

The December 1999 conference was a huge success attracting as many as 200 renowned scientists from various countries, i.e., Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Sweden, UK, U.S.A and elsewhere.

Indian Network for Soil Contamination Research-INSCR is a registered society under the societies registration act XXI of 1860 with the registration no. 34693 dated 22nd April, 1999.

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Global Trends in Soil Contamination Research

Research reports and publications emanating from various researchers across the globe confirm the following distinct area of interest:

  • Use of eco-toxicity data in evaluation of soil contamination
  • Different in-situ and ex-situ approaches to restore the eco-systems affected by soil pollution
  • Long term impact of heavy metals and other contaminants in soil on human health, geno-toxicity and bacterial communities in soil
  • Bio-remediation (including phytoremediation) approaches for decontamination of soil
  • Studies of self-attenuation and self-purification processes in restoration of the health of soil
  • Determination of base-line data on contaminants in soil across regions
  • Role of the presence of materials like ‘back carbon’ and/or ‘activated carbon’ in soil towards absorption and detoxification of organic contaminants.